Statement on Defeat of Several Education Bills in the State Capitol

Louisiana BAEO
Stacy Martin, state director of the Louisiana Black Alliance for
Educational Options (LABAEO), issued the following statement on the
defeat of several House and Senate Education legislation that would have
restricted school choice options for thousands of children across

"This is a victory for our children. State lawmakers had to make a
decision on where they stand in the ongoing education debate. On one
side is the continued support for families to receive a quality
education; the other is forcing children to attend schools that will
harm their chances for a great education. I'm happy lawmakers chose to
stand on the side our children.

"While I thank committee members for putting the interest of our
children above politics, we must continue to remain vigilant against
those who want to turn back the clocks on education reform. Low-income
and working-class Black families and their children deserve access to
the same educational options as affluent families across the state. The
defeat of these bills keeps intact the strives we've made thus far."

Votes of the House Education Committee:


  • HB 167; failed 9 to 5

  •     HB 168; deferred

  •     HB 98; failed 9 to 6

  • HB 502; deferred

  • HB 879; deferred

Votes of the Senate Education Committee:

  •     SB 147; failed 4 to 1

  • SB 149; deferred

  • SB 198; deferred

  • SB 361; deferred