Leading the Fight

Photo of BAEO childrenHaving worked for a decade on the frontlines of the education reform movement, BAEO brings credibility and authenticity to the national conversation concerning reform issues and how they affect Black America. The collective experience of our organization in all aspects of education reform positions BAEO as a natural thought leader and knowledge partner. With clarity, conviction, and great urgency, we are voicing the needs of our community and shaping the solutions that will close the achievement gap.

BAEO's primary vehicle for expanding opportunities is through our local chapters and mobilization sites. Generally, our city- and state-based advocacy and mobilization efforts focus on enabling low-income and working-class Black students to attend high-quality schools through the following means:

  • Charter schools (Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Virginia, and Connecticut)

  • Private scholarships (Pennsylvania and Georgia)

  • Tax-supported scholarships (Ohio, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, District of Columbia)

Go Local to connect with a BAEO chapter or mobilization site near you, and learn more about what's happening in various states through our Media links.