How to Help

Join us on the newest front of the civil rights movement! Take a stand against low expectations, mediocrity, and the consignment of our most vulnerable children to failing schools. Whether you choose to donate, partner or volunteer with BAEO, we offer exciting opportunities for you to make a positive difference.

With your support BAEO will:

  • Help a needy child access high-quality instruction

  • Open the door to a safe learning environment

  • Equip caregivers with the parenting and advocacy tools they need to support their children's education

  • Support Black teachers and educational entrepreneurs in meeting the needs of our community

  • Give voice to low-income and working-class Black parents and secure for them a place at the table

  • Keep decision-makers and policy-shapers focused on the reality of Black America and the urgent needs of our children

Act now to give parents a choice and children a chance.

Make a Donation

By donating to BAEO, you are investing in a brighter future for our children.

Donate Online
Click here to use our safe and secure online donation form.

Donate by Phone or Mail
Please make checks payable to BAEO and mail them to:
The Black Alliance for Educational Options, Inc.
888 16th Street NW, Suite #800
Washington, DC 20006

Using your credit or debit card, you may make a donation securely by phone. To speak with a member of the BAEO team, please call (202) 210-2470, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

If you have questions or comments, please email Monique Pittman, Resource Development Director or call (202) 210-2470.

Join Our Giving Club
BAEO's Monthly Giving Club helps us increase access to high-quality educational options for Black children by creating a reliable source of support. By joining the club, you can give in automatic, affordable monthly installments using your credit or debit card, and your donation will automatically renew. Click here to support our ongoing fight by becoming a monthly donor.

Become a BAEO Champion
BAEO's opponents are extremely well funded, and they have demonstrated a willingness to spend lavishly to defeat meaningful education reform. While they fight on behalf of institutions and the organized interest of adults, however, we fight for our children, our young adults, and our families. Our cause is just and BAEO will not rest until we close the achievement gap dividing Black and white and rich and poor in our nation's schools.

Winning this crucial fight will require more than righteousness and determination. We need financial resources to shake up the system and rise up against the defenders of the status quo.

BAEO appreciates donors at every level, recognizing as Champions those who demonstrate exceptional commitment to our cause. To become a BAEO Champion and make a lasting impact on the education reform movement, please choose one of the following options.

BAEO Champion options and descriptions

Fund a BAEO Initiative
The Bailey Sullivan Leadership Institute

BAEO is working to ensure that highly effective Black leaders are at the forefront of the education reform movement. Through the Bailey-Sullivan Leadership Institute (BSLI), we're creating a pipeline of well-prepared men and women of color to fill leadership positions on the frontlines of the movement and to create important links to local, state and national centers of power in which Blacks are under-represented. The BSLI includes four strands, which together provide a continuum of valuable training, knowledge-building, and networking experiences for Black professionals at every stage of the leadership spectrum. Click here to help fund this uniquely powerful program.

High-Quality Black-Led Charter Schools

BAEO's High-Quality Black-Led Charter School (HQBLCS) initiative seeks to empower Black educators to prepare our children for success. Through the HQBLCS initiative, BAEO is addressing a number of challenges that disproportionately affect charter schools founded by Black community organizations and social entrepreneurs. The initiative is creating a pipeline of effective school leaders within the Black community for the Black community. It is also focused on developing the capacity of Black-led schools to help children of color graduate from high school, prepared to succeed in college, their community, and the 21st-century workplace. Click here to help fund this initiative and support Black educators making a difference for our children

Annual Symposium

BAEO's Annual Symposium is the largest gathering of Black education reform supporters in the nation. Since 2001, the event has informed, inspired, and empowered Black parents, educators, elected officials, clergy and emerging leaders. Our invitation list has grown to include more than 1,000 individuals. Click here to support future Symposia.

Matching Gift Contributions
Your donation could make twice the impact if your employer has a matching gift program! Check with your company's Human Resources Department to see if your tax-deductible donation qualifies to be matched. For more information contact Monique Pittman, Resource Development Director or call (202) 210-2470.



Volunteers continue to help us make a positive impact in the lives of low-income and working-class Black families, and committed and talented volunteers are essential to our success. Use the Go Local button on the navigation bar to find contact information for a BAEO chapter or mobilization site near you. Email or call today to find out how you can help on the frontlines of education reform!


BAEO offers exciting internships in various areas. Consider joining us in this capacity to refine your interests, confirm your professional passion and garner valuable experience while helping to ensure that all children-regardless of color or income level-receive a high-quality education. Click here to learn more about available internships.